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A Halloween Bathroom – Skeleton and Skull Accessories

Decorate Your Bathroom With These Fun Skull and Skeleton Accessories

Do you decorate your house for Halloween? Do you include your bathroom? Here are a few fun ideas for accessorizing your bathroom with spooky skeletons and skulls during the Halloween season, or for all year if you’re into this type of thing.

Your guests can be welcomed into the bathroom by a friendly skeleton on the door, offered toilet paper from another smiling skull assistant, and wash and dry their hands with a skull soft soap dispenser and happy skeleton hand towel.

Welcome Your Halloween Guests to Your Bathroom

Skeleton on the john - door cover
Let this smiling skeleton greet your guests to your bathroom during the Halloween season. For a deliciously creepy…er…festive air, add this orange and black striped door curtain and a few large, yucky black spider decals to the wall.  See below to find suggestions where to get these spookily fun bathroom door decorations.

Dress Up Your Bathroom Door – Friendly Skeleton on the John Door Cover

There are a number of Halloween-themed bathroom door covers, but this is my favorite. The friendly skeleton smiles out at you as he takes his time on the john while perusing The Daily Rag. He’s friendly enough so he won’t scare any young children, and will make everyone laugh, or at least smile, when they discover this clever door decoration.

Some people have put the cover on the inside of the bathroom door, which surprises users when they enter and shut the door!

Depending on the size of your door, and the position of the door knob or handle, you might need to trim the cover to fit, and also cut a hole for the knob.

The curtain shown below is similar to what is seen in the photograph above.  I couldn’t find exact replicas of the spiders shown, but the creepy spider decals below should do the trick (and you can use them to decorate other areas of your house too!).

Skeleton Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)Amscan Mens Black and Orange Halloween Door Curtain Black/orange MediumHalloween Spiders set of 40 vinyl lettering decal home decor wall art sticker

A Friendly Bathroom Skeleton Offers You Toilet Paper

How can anyone resist this smiling skull toilet paper holder? He’s at your beck and call when you need a few squares of bathroom tissue.

He’s sure to be a hit at your next Halloween gathering. And if you like skull decorations in general, there’s no need to take him down after the spooky season is over.

This fun accessory will certainly be a conversation-starter, especially if you keep him up all year! This is a good, sturdy toilet paper holder, and it will look good and spooky for years to come.

Gifts & Decor Halloween Toilet Paper Holder

Eerie Skull Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

Keep your toilet sparkling during the Halloween season with this skull and bones brush with its own realistic-looking skull holder. It’s sturdily constructed and made to last, so why not keep it handy all year?

The brush screws on and off, so you can replace it when you need to with dollar store toilet brush replacements.

This is also a great decorating idea if you like pirates! (Yo ho ho!)

Design Toscano Bathroom Skullduggery Toilet Bowl Brush

Skeleton and Skull Shower Curtains and Bath Mats

You know your Halloween bathroom won’t be complete without a special skull or skeleton shower curtain or bathmat!

How about a joyful, dancing musical Pied Piper Skeleton? Or the happy-looking skeleton flexing his “muscle” on a blue background, could make you and your guests smile too (hey, he kind of looks like a skeleton Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance, don’t you think?).  There’s the fun Dancing Skeletons Bathmat that would go well with either of the shower curtains, although you could also get the matching shower curtain if you want to be matchy-matchy.  These are found on Cafe Press, along with many other skeleton and skull shower curtains and bathmats.

Which would fit your Halloween bathroom decor?

Pied Piper Skeleton Shower CurtainCheck PriceFunny Skeleton Shower CurtainCheck PriceDancing Skeletons BathmatCheck Price

A Few Other Skeleton and Skull Accessories for Your Bathroom

You may want to indulge in these fun bathroom accessories too. Let your house guests wipe their hands with the delightful skeleton paper towels after they use the facilities.  Or add to the spooky mood in the bathroom with the skeleton hand votive candle holders (note the cool spider accent on each arm bone).   Or just because it’s true, the wooden skull and crossbones “Sh*t Happens” is sure to get a few laughs if you hang it on the bathroom wall or door.

Enchanted Halloween Skeleton Paper Guest TowelsResin Skeleton Hand Votive Tea Light Candle Holder, Set of 2 (White)LG 12 inch Hand Carved Wood Pirate Skull Cross Bone

Have Fun!

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these selections and found some good ideas for decorating your own bathroom for Halloween!

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