Instructions for Making Paper Snowflakes – An Easy Tutorial

Instructions for Making Paper Snowflakes

How to Make 6-Sided Snowflakes – A Fun Activity for Kids and Adults Creating paper snowflakes can be a fun family activity for inexpensively decorating your house for the winter and for the Holidays. Younger children can create simple snowflakes with help from an adult, and older children and adults can start to create more intricate, lacy patterns. […]

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How Snowflakes are Formed

Snow Crystals on my windshield

The Science Behind Snowflakes and Snow Crystals Have you ever taken a really good look at individual snowflakes when you’ve been out while it’s snowing? If so, you’ll have noticed that their appearance can vary from snowfall to snowfall. Sometimes snow comes down as beautiful tiny, lacy six-sided crystals, and sometimes it comes down in needle-like or columnar shapes, or […]

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