Loon Christmas Cards and Ornaments

Loon Christmas Ornaments and Greeting Cards

The Common Loon – A Symbol of the Peace and Tranquility of the North Woods

The Common Loon (also called Great Northern Loon, or Great Northern Diver in Europe) is a large, striking black and white diving waterbird common to the clear, clean lakes in the North Woods during summers in the northern United States and in Canada.  Its eerie wails, tremolos, and yodels are signature sounds of the North Woods summers.  I feel a sense of peace and contentment when I hear these calls, whether I’m out in the wild, or listening to recordings of their wild cries.

Our family used to vacation in northern Minnesota and I have good memories of those times, including seeing these beautiful waterbirds on the lake during the day, and hearing their evocative cries on quiet warm evenings.

If the Common Loon is a source of good memories for you and your family, consider getting a loon ornament for your Christmas tree or for someone else, or send out Loon design Christmas / Holiday cards to wish someone else the peace of the season.

Loon Christmas Ornaments

Santa Loon Snowflake Pewter OrnamentMinnesota Loon Double-sided Ceramic OrnamentColorful Loons and Lilies Porcelain Ornament

The first ornament shown above shows a familiar loon scene: a baby loon riding on its parent’s back.   Even though loon chicks can swim right away, they often conserve energy and stay protected from underwater predators by hitching a ride on their parents’ backs.  This ornament adds a festive touch with the snowflake pattern, and the Santa hats on the loons.

The Common Loon is Minnesota’s State Bird, as shown on the second ornament.  You can find the same design on different shapes such as a circle, star, or oval as well as this heart.   I like the vibrant colors of the third ornament showing loons in a lake with water lilies.

Ornament Felted Mama Loon With ChickPainted ~ Loon With Chick ~ Holiday OrnamentHampshire Pewter – Loon Along the Shore3D Hand-painted Loon Duck Christmas Ornament

Here are a few more loon ornaments, all offered through Amazon.  The first one is an adorable felted mama loon with her chick riding her back.  I love the little knit scarf she sports around her neck!

The second and third offerings are made of pewter – always a nice touch for Christmas ornaments!   The painted loon with chick is surrounded by a snowflake-stamped oval frame, while the circle pewter ornament is of a loon amongst the cattails along the shore of a quiet lake.

The last is very similar to an ornament I have – a simple but striking hand-painted loon that will be a welcome addition to your holiday tree.

Loon Christmas / Holiday Cards

Loon and Santa Chick Season’s Greetings CardsHoliday Loon With Red Bow Greeting Cards

This first card shown above is my favorite, and the one that I will be sending out to many of my friends and family this year.  This peaceful scene shows a mama (or a dad) loon with baby chick in a Santa hat riding along on the back, with their reflection in the water barely disturbed as they float on a still lake.   This second card has a sporty and cheerful look, with a loon centerpiece dressed up with a striking red ribbon around its neck.

The first card, “Season’s Greetings”, comes as a pack of 10 cards.  You can choose from regular size, note card size, or large.   You have the same choices for “Holiday Loon”, but you can also choose different amounts of cards, from singles to a pack of 10 or 20.

Loons of WinterSanta Loon Stationery Note CardChristmas Wishes Watercolor Loon

The “Loons of Winter” is a nice traditional card showing a quiet snowy scene with loons in their winter plumage floating near a dock.

“Santa Loon” is very cute with a bold “Birdorable” design.   It’s a similar design to the pewter snowflake ornament near the top of the page. “Christmas Wishes” is a pretty watercolor card that you can customize if you wish.  Both of the Zazzle cards can be bought as singles, although you get a price break when you buy at least 10.

Loon Happy Holidays!Merry Christmas Loon

These last two designs are fun, light-hearted cards, sure to bring a smile to any loon-lover you know!   I love the cheerful colors and the image of a singing loon in the first card.   Its scarf is reminiscent of the scarf on the felted loon ornament earlier on this page.   The second one, “Hooooooo! Hoooooo!….” represents the evocative wilderness wail of the Common Loon.

Have a Happy Loon-y Christmas / Holiday Season!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these Loon Christmas / Holiday ornaments and card designs!