The Story of the Yoga Warrior Poses

Yoga Warrior Pose I

Asanas of Virabhadra, the Mythical Hindu Warrior Some of my favorite standing yoga postures, or asanas, include the different variations of the Warrior Pose, or Virabhadrasana (the pose name in Sanskrit). These beautiful and challenging poses are named after the great hero warrior Virabhadra from Hindu mythology. They are active postures that require strength, steadiness, and […]

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Seven Basic Yoga Standing Poses

Triangle Pose - Utthita Trikonasana

Build a Strong Foundation by Practicing Yoga Standing Poses Learning and practicing the yoga standing poses (asanas) builds a strong foundation for the rest of our asana practice. We practice these postures as a way to develop better awareness and control of our own bodies. We learn how to extend, contract, expand, and rotate different parts of […]

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