Happy Halloween Skeleton Mat

Scary Skeleton Decorations for Halloween or Year-Round Fun

Spooky Halloween Skeleton Decorations

What would Halloween be without a few scary skeletons rattling around your house and yard? A spooky skeleton is one of the iconic images we associate with Halloween, and your decorating wouldn’t be complete without at least a couple of them hanging around to create a delightfully creepy atmosphere.

Add one at your door to gruesomely greet visiting Trick-or-Treaters as they tentatively tip-toe up to your “haunted” house, or bring some inside to mingle with the other guests at your spook-tacular Halloween party.

Here are a few of my favorite decorating ideas.
(The Halloween Skeleton doormat shown above is from Amazon)


Decorative Skeleton Garlands for Halloween

You can start your Halloween decorations with either of these skeleton garlands. They’ll look ghoulishly festive above entryways, windows, along tables, or fireplace mantels, giving your haunted home the perfect macabre touch!

The paper garland, left, is about 10 feet long, with 16 movable skeletons. Notice that they are wearing an assortment of hats to show off their individual ghastly personalities!  If you prefer more color, take a look at the Day of the Dead tissue garland on the right.   Did you know that the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, is celebrated on November 1st?

Talking Tables Skeleton Crew Garland, 3-MeterDay Of The Dead Garland Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Skulls and Bones

Below left: I like this ghoulishly-clever gothic version of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.  The three-skull sculpture is made of sturdy polyresin, and is about 5″ high, perfect for sitting on your desk, book shelf, mantel, or as a spooky centerpiece on your Halloween table.

Below right: You can set a spine-chilling graveyard scene in your yard (or your unfinished basement) by strewing around the contents of this 28-piece bag of bones.   Lucky for you they won’t be over-the-top scary (after all, you don’t want to cause any heart attacks in your guests), since they’re smaller than life-sized. The bag contains an assortment of bones, ranging from 6″ to 12″ long, possibly with some duplicates. (Think “mass grave” — it’s difficult to pull just one full skeleton together — you might have parts of a few skeletons mixed in.)

No Evil Skulls Figurine for Scary Halloween Decorations and Spooky Skeleton Statues & Medieval Fantasy Home Decor Sculptures and Gothic GiftsDELUXE HALLOWEEN BAG OF SKELETON BONES – FULL 28 PIECE SET – PERFECT FOR A HALLOWEEN GRAVEYARD or HAUNTED HOUSE

Dress Up Your Doors

I love both of these decorative skeleton door covers!  The first one you can hang from curtain rods across your door or windows, or on a wall to give the illusion of another door.  The lace backdrop is sheer enough to allow light through, showing off the skeleton and pumpkin to great effect if you’re looking in from the outside.   You can see that he’s greeting you warmly!

The second door cover always makes me laugh!  I think it would go best on a bathroom door, but you could place it anywhere in your house, giving the illusion of an additional bathroom, but for the spooks in the house.  I’ve also featured this door cover on A Halloween Bathroom – Skeleton and Skull Accessories.

Heritage Lace Bones 38-Inch Wide by 84-Inch Drop Scenic Panel, BlackSkeleton Restroom Door Cover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)


How About Animal Skeletons?

Who says you have to decorate with human remains?   There are a number of excellent creepy animal options as well.

These charming “Skelamingos” make for perfect kitschy Halloween yard decor. You’ll amuse your friends and neighbors with these delightfully tacky and spooky birds!   They’re made of hard, durable plastic like your regular run-of-the-mill pink flamingo lawn ornaments, except they’re black with the skeleton painted on.

If you’re a cat lover (well, even if you’re not), consider putting out this cat skeleton.  Your own cats may not thank you, but your friends will laugh!    Also available are various dog, rat, and raven skeletons.   Set up a bony menagerie in your house or yard!

2 Halloween Skeleton Yard FlamingosSeasons Skeleton Cat


Miscellaneous Skeleton Halloween Decorations

Here are a few more decorations that caught my fancy, including the colorful floor mat that is featured at the top of this page.  I’m especially partial to the adorable salt and pepper shakers nestled in the arms of the seated skeleton.   The “Love Never Dies” sculpture is also sweet too, in a eerily macabre way, don’t you think?   (This is just one of a series of sculptures.)  They’re all weirdly whimsical, and should delight all your Halloween fiendish friends and ghastly guests!

Scary Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker SetLove Never Dies Collectible Sculpture1 X Skeleton Hand Napkin HolderSpoontiques Skull and Crossbones Wind ChimeHalloween Skeleton Holiday Floor Mat Medium

Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed browsing through  these skeleton and skull decoration ideas. Have fun decorating for Halloween!