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Yoga for Arthritis DVD Recommendations

Are You Looking for Good Yoga for Arthritis DVDs?

The following yoga DVDs are what I recommend most often to my own yoga students who have arthritis.  These DVDs will safely guide you through a variety of  yoga poses and exercises to help you create more range of motion in your joints while stretching and strengthening the muscles around them.  You’ll feel better overall for having practiced them!

Many of my yoga students with arthritis have experienced that the practice of yoga helps them develop greater mobility while also reducing arthritis pain.  They see greater improvement when they can also practice on their own in between classes.  These DVDs are what I recommend when they ask for practice guidelines.

You also may want to read How Yoga Helps With Arthritis for a good overview of how yoga can reduce your arthritis symptoms.

Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis

This DVD by Peggy Cappy is the one I recommend most often to my students.

You may have seen Peggy Cappy’s popular series Yoga for the Rest of Us on PBS television stations. All of her videos including the highly-rated Easy Yoga for Arthritis are designed to be accessible for all.  Her instructions are easy to follow, and the poses are shown with three variations: one for people who are stronger and more mobile (the more classical representation of the posture), another for people who need some support for balance, and the third is a seated variation.

This isn’t a “work-out” DVD, but a good instructional DVD with great supplementary information about yoga and arthritis.  After watching this video a few times, you’ll be able to practice on your own if you want to, while occasionally referring back to the DVD.

Sections include warm-ups, standing, seated, and reclining yoga poses, and relaxation and meditation techniques.

Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for ArthritisYoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis


Yoga for Inflexible People

A yoga DVD doesn’t have to be specifically for arthritis to be useful.  Yoga for Inflexible People is an excellent 3 disc set designed for anyone who considers themselves inflexible, which includes many people with arthritis.

I have recommended this DVD series to many of my yoga students who are stiff or have mobility problems.

Yoga Journal says Yoga for Inflexible People is “One of the most intelligent and useful presentations served up in a long time…for all beginning students whether they are inflexible or flexible – rated as one of the Top Yoga DVDs ever produced.”

This set is divided into three sections (one section per DVD):

  • Disc 1 – Yoga for Inflexible People
    Has over 35 routines that will safely help anyone develop greater flexibility.  Poses are taught in the Iyengar Yoga method (which is what I also teach), with suggestions for modifying and using props (either regular yoga props or items you have around the home).
  • Disc 2 – Essential Yoga for Inflexible People
    Builds on the concepts of Disc 1, and includes 10 yoga flow sequences.
  • Disc 3 – Gentle Yoga for Everybody
    Over 12 Gentle Yoga sequences with modified poses.  Anyone can benefit from this practice.

Yoga for Inflexible PeopleYoga for Inflexible People


Yoga for Arthritis – Arthritis Foundation

The subtitle for this DVD, put out by the Arthritis Foundation, is Pathways to Better Living with Arthritis and Related Conditions.

This is a very gentle and easy DVD to follow.  As in Peggy Cappy’s Easy Yoga for Arthritis (above), poses are shown at three different levels, depending on the mobility and strength of the person doing the poses.

It includes breathing techniques, stretching and strengthening poses, a low-impact aerobic section, and ends with a relaxation section.  There are five participants shown in this DVD, ages 35 – 72, all with some form of arthritis.

I’d recommend this DVD if your mobility is very limited.

Yoga for Arthritis: Arthritis FoundationYoga for Arthritis: Arthritis Foundation


Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Arthritis

What I appreciate most about the Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Solutions for Arthritis is that it’s more than just a yoga DVD.  It includes three sections:

  • Part 1: Understanding Your Condition
    Mayo Clinic doctors give information on arthritis, including risk factors and aggravating factors, along with a discussion of alternative therapy options.
  • Part 2: Eat Well to Feel Well
    A Mayo Clinic dietitian shows how to make meal planning simple, and there are also tips for eating healthy every day.
  • Part 3: Soothing Therapies
    Popular yoga teacher Rodney Yee leads a 40-minute sequence of gentle yoga poses and meditation that are designed to help with arthritis symptom relief.

Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for ArthritisMayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Arthritis


Also Consider Taking a Yoga Class

In my opinion as a long-time yoga teacher, you will get more out of these DVDs if you are also taking a yoga class.  A well-trained yoga teacher  can help you with any difficulties you might be having while practicing along with these DVDs.

If you are new to yoga and have mobility issues, look for a Gentle Yoga or Yoga for Seniors class if you can’t find a Yoga for Arthritis class.

As with any exercise program, injuries can occur even when we are careful.  Talk with your health care provider and your yoga teacher if you are unsure about doing any of the exercises shown on these DVDs or in your yoga class.